I am an activist worked in Madhya Pradesh. I worked on the right base approche issues, i;e Right to Information, Human Rights, Electoral and Political Reform, Constitutnalism, Gender and Poverty issues. I’m also work on the Climate Change issue.
Presenlty, I am working with Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (an international organisation; as an external collaborater and Best Practices Foundation. I am also Director of SANDHAN. SANDHAN initiated two major campaign, Madhya Pradesh Suchana Adhikar Abhiyan and Madhya Pradesh Election Watch.

SANDHAN is an informal group of youth in Madhya Pradesh who got together because they share a common set of values, vision and zeal to work. The group does not work in any structured manner. The informal group welcomes anybody who shares a similar thought and vision on social issues. The group universally stands against corruption and believes in promoting transparency and accountability in our system. We are working on the issues like Right to Information, Constitutionalism, Political & Electoral Reform, Administrative Reform, Legal Literacy, human Rights, Climate change & Global warming and other concerned issues like Right to Work, Right to Food, Gender Etc.


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